durand academy

Durand Boarding School

In 2014 Durand opened the UK’s first, free state boarding school.

We believe that our pupils deserve the same opportunities and facilities as those enjoyed by those in the fee-paying sector. This is why we have put in place our unique model of education which is allowing us to develop the UK’s first fully funded boarding school at St Cuthman’s in Midhurst. 75 children are now onsite and our end goal is to be able to accommodate many more, including a sixth form.


A standard week for our boarders begins with a coach from Stockwell to St Cuthman’s, where they stay until returning home by coach on Friday. All food, accommodation, travel and educational costs are paid for by Durand, at no cost to the parents.


As is the case throughout Durand Academy, our approach to teaching and learning at the boarding school is underpinned by our emphasis on delivering consistency and structure in education. We know that through instilling a culture of hard work and high expectations, children will be given the best opportunity to succeed and fulfil their potential.


Our boarding school students benefit from an extended school day with a rich, varied and well-rounded curriculum, regular sporting and performance activities, as well as weekly swimming lessons.