durand academy

General information

This page lists general information that will be of interest to parents.

Bed Linen Changes

Sheets, pillowcases and towels are changed each week on a Thursday. All boarders take a turn at collecting the clean linen from the laundry on a Monday on arrival and on Friday afternoon taking the used linen back down. Every second week duvet covers are changed.

Mobile Phones

Boarders are permitted to have mobiles in school but they must be handed in to the Head of Boarding on arrival at school. It is important that they return them when not in use. It is against the school rules for a student to use their mobile phone to take photos not agreed by the person being photographed, to use it in an offensive manner or to use the technology for bullying another student. Mobile phones are a part of modern society and Durand aims to encourage safe use of this technology, as well as the independence skills of our pupils.

Personal Technology

Durand will not allow pupils to bring games consoles or televisions into their rooms for personal use. It is at the discretion of the Head of Boarding how much extra equipment a boarder may have in their room. It is very important for boarders to understand that if they have been given permission to have this equipment in school it is entirely their responsibility and that boarding staff will not be responsible to ensure that this equipment is safe. Pupils must also be aware that if they have been given special permission for this equipment it must remain in the common room and not in dorm rooms. All boarding staff have the right to remove any of this equipment if it is felt that this is hampering the progress of any student in the boarding house.

Pocket Money and other Valuables

Boarders may not keep money their rooms. Cash must be handed into the Head of Boarding for safe keeping who will run a cash account for them to withdraw funds as required.

Post in School

Pupils should not have any post directed to the academy, all post should remain addressed to the home address.

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms in the boarding houses are very sophisticated and regular fire drills are held to ensure that all boarders know what is required. There are a number of drills held throughout the term with one being held in unsociable hours. Boarders are all reminded at the start of the term about where they must go, and what they must take and not take when the alarm goes off.

The Fire Alarm requirements in the boarding area are that boarders must go to the closest fire exit door to where their dorm is immediately they hear the Fire Alarm. They must ensure they have shoes on their feet and a warm hoodie or jacket. Pupils must not take any other belongings with them, all items must be left behind. Pupils must leave the building immediately and meet at the fire muster point which is in front of the science lab. Boarders must remain there until the boarding staff have taken a full register and given permission for them to re-enter the building.

Intruder Alarms

The boarding house has a very sensitive intruder alarm system with all exit doors and common room windows on the system. Once the boarding lights out is declared at night the alarms are set by the duty staff. If the doors are opened after hours the alert sound is triggered in the staff accommodation and the duty staff will do a search of the house to ensure all are safe.

Night Bell

There is a night bell located at the door to each staff member’s accommodation. Should a boarder need staff in the night they can ring the bell to gain the attention of the staff member on duty.


Even though your child is away at school, they can still experience the fun of a birthday celebration within the boarding area. For some students this is not something that they wish to take part in so the Head or Deputy Head of Boarding will discuss this with the student and ensure that they are comfortable with the arrangements.

Feeling Unwell or Need Medical Help

The medical department at the academy is staffed by an NMC qualified nurse who will assist if a boarder is feeling unwell or has an emergency. In the first instance they should talk to their boarding staff who will advise them what to do. They may be treated in-house or sent to the Medical Centre for more specialist help. Boarders are reminded that no medication is to be kept in rooms and must be handed in at the start of each term. All medication must be properly labelled with a pharmacy or surgery label that contains the name of the student and the prescription. There is also a Counsellor on site who is available for consultation during the week.

Personal Clothing

All personal clothing brought into school must be named with name tags that have been sewn onto the garment. Personal clothing should be kept to a minimum. Storage in rooms is limited and if a boarder has too much in school it is more difficult for them to manage their own personal space.


All materials required for school work will be supplied by the academy and students will only need any personal stationery items that they would ordinarily use at home e.g. diary or journal.

The boarding school can be contacted on 01730 811 550.