Durand Academy

Governor Transparency


In November 2010 Kevin Craig accepted the invitation to become a Governor of the Durand Academy Trust. Kevin is already an experienced school Governor (he is currently Governor of his old Sixth Form College SFX, was for nine years a Lambeth Labour Councillor representing Larkhall Ward which is a few hundred yards from Durand and which includes the Estate where he grew up. Kevin accepted the invitation on the conditions outlined below and proactively, driven by a desire to completely comply with codes on transparency and integrity addressed at the outset the separation of his duties as Governor from his role as Managing Director of PLMR (Lambeth's Council's Business Awards 2010 Employer of the Year) which is a company that provides services to the school.

From: Kevin Craig < >

Date: 3 November 2010 15:21

Subject: My Position as Governor

To:greg martin , jim davies mark mclaughlin

Dear Jim Greg and Mark,

I have wanted to write formally for ages and haven't had the chance but now is a very good time to do so:

1) Thank you for the opportunity to serve as a Governor. I was delighted to accept the invitation. Please confirm my understanding that it's a role with a term of four years and the official start date.

2) I am hoping that:

as a lifelong Lambeth resident of a Lambeth Council Estate similar to those that most of the Durand Children come from;having been through the state education system in South London, as a former elected Member of Lambeth Council (1997 to 2006), as a former Member of Hyde Southbank Homes Board (1999) as a Foundation Governor of St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College since 2007 and as a Member of the Institute of Directors

I can bring value to the crucial work of Durand's Governors and I will do my very best to support you.

3) Given the scrutiny that the School is rightly under, now and in the future, I wanted to stress to you formally that my happiness and willingness to serve as a Governor are totally unrelated to the fact that the company that I work for has since 2009 worked for Durand on fundraising, public relations and coalition building support in support of your plans for the school. I will always be absent from any discussions that take place with regard to the future of that support and were PLMR's work to end tomorrow I would remain as enthusiastic and as passionate about the honour of being a Governor as I am today.

With thanks and best wishes to the three of you.


Kevin Craig