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Governing Body

In all schools, governing bodies have three core strategic functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

It is largely a thinking and questioning role and Governors are not there to manage the school or do the jobs of school staff. Governors fulfil their role by regularly attending Governing Body meetings, providing strategic guidance and by asking probing and challenging questions of leaders within the school.

There are a number of different types of governors, but all governors have the same roles and responsibilities once part of the governing body.

Community/Co-opted: Community/co-opted governors are recruited from the community around the school and can bring a community perspective or interest to the governing body.

Foundation: Foundation governors are appointed by the school’s founding body, named in the school’s instrument of government.

Parent: Parents are appointed to represent the parents within the school. Elections are held via the school.

Staff: Staff are represented on the governing body. Elections are held via the school.

You may contact the governors by email to the school office.

Durand Governing Body: structure and responsibilities 

Guidance from the Department for Education states that:

“Governing bodies should be no bigger than necessary to secure the range of skills they need. Smaller governing bodies are likely to be more cohesive and dynamic.”

In line with this guidance, Durand Academy’s Governing Body is made up of 9 Governors from all walks of life and who each bring different areas of expertise and skills to the school.

In addition to regular meetings of the full Governing Body, Durand Academy has the following Committees who meet on a regular basis. Each committee has a minimum of three members and they report directly to the Governing Body:

  • Finance Committee
  • HR Committee
  • Boarding Committee
  • Mediation
  • Governance

The Governing Body also works with specialist consultants where appropriate, particularly with regards to financial expertise.

Meet our Governors

Brendan McShane                      Staff Governor

Brendan brings many years of governor experience across several schools and extensive knowledge of the building trade to the Durand Governing Body.

This is Brendan’s second stint as a governor at Durand. Brendan was a parent governor from 1980 to 1990 when his two children attended the school. This covered the period when Durand Junior and Infant Schools were amalgamated.

Brendan joined Reay School in 1992 as Premises Manager, and later became a governor. During his 12 years as governor, Brendan sat on the finance committee, organised fundraising, accompanied teachers on school trips in Britain and abroad and managed the Reay School football team to become champions on two occasions.

Brendan brings extensive knowledge of the building industry and since joining Durand he has been involved in building project work. This includes leading the team that delivered the middle school build and boarding school. He has over five years of experience working with the income generation operation that helps to maintain and improve these facilities.

Angel Lue-Taim                          Foundation  Governor

 Angel joined the Governing Body as a parent governor and then became a foundation governor. Both of Angel’s children attended Durand Academy. One of Angel’s children has special educational needs, which means she has a strong understanding of the vital support children require at school to fulfil their potential.

Angel has volunteered in the local church and over the years has made contacts within the community. Angel used to be a civil servant at the Ministry of Justice and was also a representative of the Public and Commercial Services Union. The professional skills Angel has acquired are readily transferable to her role as a governor.

Angel is privileged and honoured to be a governor at Durand Academy and to have seen the school change. She believes that the creation of the first free boarding school in the country could not have been achieved without a strong Governing Body and staff at the school. 

Rebecca Pickard                       Acting Head Teacher

Harriet Russell                          Staff Governor

Harriet has recently joined the governing body as a staff governor. Starting as a Newly Qualified Teacher in 2012, she was soon asked to take on more responsibility as a Head of Year in her second year at Durand. Harriet has been a team leader in year 5 and year 2 giving her an extensive knowledge of both Key Stages and both school sites.

Harriet has been instrumental in the progress of the school having been a lead in implementing the new curriculum, with a focus on teaching and learning, and assessment across the school amongst other things. She has worked closely with the school’s Inclusions Leader and SENCOs over her time at Durand giving her an in-depth understanding of what children need to overcome barriers to learning and succeed in their education.

Harriet has recently been appointed as Assistant Head Teacher and is excited about the future of the school and working alongside the governing body to ensure we continue to maintain our fantastic standards of education and care for the pupils of Durand.

Lorna Bell                                    Parent Governor

Michael James Watson          Safeguarding and Foundation Governor


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